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Name:I'm a muted gray, a village and a shrub
Birthdate:Nov 25
Location:United States of America
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Interests (149):

80's cartoons, alf, alternative, anatomy, animals, awkward people, bad religion, beach boys, belle and sebastian, benny and joon, black flag, calvin and hobbes, carpentry, cellular memory theory, charles dickens, chbosky, chemisty, chino moreno, city and colour, collecting textbooks, cooking, cptsd, crochet, cross-stitching, cryptids, cryptozoology, deftones, descendents, diy, drawing, eastern philosophy, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, embroidery, enfp boys, enfp girls, extroverts, fawlty towers, folklore, frida kahlo, garbage pail kids, gardinas, genetics, george r price, george romero, girl on the bridge, gorilla biscuits, hardcore, harold and maude, hydroponics, indie, infectious disease, infp, infp boys, interpol, introverts, jacobs ladder, jawbox, jawbreaker, juggling, jung, knitting, kurt cobain, les miserables, lou barlow, lush, magnolias, man on the train, mental illness, merry-go-rounds, minor threat, mogwai, moleskines, monty python, moonrise kingdom, morrissey, music, my bloody valentine, mystery science theater 3000, nalbinding, nature, neil gaiman, neuroscience, nirvana, old school vespas, one hit wonders, organic, paranormal, patio gardens, patrice leconte, patsy cline, pee wees big adventure, peonies, personalities, pete and pete, pixies, pop punk, post traumatic stress disorder, post-hardcore, post-rock, prions, psychiatry, punk, punk rock, ralph nader, random acts of kindness, random memories, random questions, random stories, reading, reincarnation, repurposing, roald dahl, sandman, science, screen printing, sebadoh, self harm, self injury, sewing, shoegaze, slowdive, spin hugs, swingin' utters, synchronicity, the crow, the cure, the dead milkmen, the gits, the life aquatic, the maxx, the night sky, the princess bride, the sea, the simpsons, the smiths, the tick, theoretical physics, they might be giants, twin peaks, video games, vincent price, voodoo, weezer, weird people, wes anderson, wood working, x files, ycdtot
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